Our Capabilities

Our Corporate Affairs Management approach will help your reputation and your ability to reach your goals, while at the same time, maintaining what gives your leverage: your license to operate.

Government and Regulatory Affairs

We build engagement channels and relations, set to establish a proactive stakeholder engagement plan with national and local officials and regulatory bodies in order to secure your business’ strategic objectives.


In Orza we design monitoring and evaluation tools that enable us to measure the impact social and environmental investment programs has and how to achieve their optimization.

Strategic Comms and Social Media

Together with our clients, we design a comprehensive Comms strategy in order to secure their business objectives, as well as to maintain their reputation identifying Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), the right timing and the appropriate sound bites.

Business Development

We offer advice to Startups that seek access to the Latin American market and accompany them in the design and execution of their business plans and stakeholder engagement with the public and private sector.

Our Tools

SONAR Congress

Through SONAR Congress it is possible to consult ALL the draft bills that passes-through Congress and to estimate the approval probability each bill has along the Congressional process established by Law 5 of 1992.


This is possible thanks to an algorithm that allows us to estimate the probability of approval and rejection. The algorithm is built and verified with historical data, using variables such as date of filling, authors, theme, steps among others.


SONAR offers the opportunity to consult the draft bills by categories or themes, as well as to select all the initiatives of interest. The quantitative nature, achieved through the approval probability of each draft bill, allows generating expectations about the future of regulation in a certain field.


At SONAR we have integrated LA SILLA DATOS, as a qualitative element that accounts for the profiles of some of the congressmen or women, identifying their respective political alliances and rivalries. It is also an element that allows us to understand the networks of the politicians in Colombia.

SONAR Regulatory Alerts

SONAR Regulatory Alerts performs the daily and automatic search of decrees, resolutions, and circulares in the consultation process, and thanks to technology it sends immediate alerts to our clients.


Through SONAR, we visit daily the predefined websites to find out if any regulation has been uploaded for consultation. This process is known as web scraping, which is the technique used to extract information from web pages in an automated way. Scraping works through search algorithms to crawl hundreds of websites and to extract only the information we need.


Once this process has been carried out, the client will receive a daily email with the regulatory updates and direct links to each document so that they can be consulted.




I hold a BA in Law from Universidad Javeriana and a Masters Degree in Government from the Rey Juan Carlos I University (Madrid Spain). I also have studies in Political Sciences and Constitutionalism.



I hold a BA in Political Sciences and a Master in Latin-American Studies (Economics and Politics) from Universidad de Salamanca Spain.  With fifteen years in the PA business, I started as Advisor in Bogotá city council. I have served as Senior Advisor to Congress in the Ministry of Government and Ministry of Agriculture, also as Chief of Staff of the Minister of Agriculture and Secretary General, and Deputy Minister.



I have an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, a Law degree from Universidad de los Andes and a Diploma in Tax Law from Universidad del Rosario.

What makes us different

ORZA is the keel of a boat that maintains the course navigating. If the Capitan’s boat decides to give a hard turn to one side or the other, the Orza will allow him to maintain the stability and course if you face a storm we will  help you navigate to a safe point.

We understand your needs and those of the public sector, for that reason, we know to engage and correctly communicate your objectives.

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